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The Hunter's Companion by Lori Powell Click picture for to buy link.Witches and hunters. Blood and magic. Heartache and lust. Will history repeat itself?

Lora Smith’s life changes forever one day deep in the English fens. Caught up in the Witch trials of 1645, her life ends tragically early, yet her legacy lives on.

Regan White is a 21st century Brighton girl who loves to shop, party, and shop some more. Forced to relocate to her aunt’s crumbling old house in the fenland of West Norfolk, away from everything she’s ever known, Regan’s life takes a mysterious twist.

A box of old diaries tell of strange happenings, striking a chord with Regan’s own recent unnerving experience in the lingering fog of the fens and drawing her deeper into the mystery. Destiny is a big word but it seems that Regan’s is irrevocably entwined in this bewitching landscape.

How do the diaries, her band of new friends, and the captivating American Nate Hunter, all tie together? Will Regan find the link before it is too late, or will she share Lora’s fate?


Hi everyone… welcome to my new website and blog!

It is a fact well known that I’ve been a terrible blogger in the past; it is utterly my intention to change that. I am starting anew with this blog and I intend to update weekly. Intend being the operative word!

Okay, The Hunter’s Companion – it’s not a new book. Not really. I first published it as an e-book in 2014, and I received some great reviews for it. It even had a read along with Vlogger Benjamin of Tomes…all sounds great, huh? Where’s the second instalment, huh??


Yep, there’s a well. It’s a well that goes something like this… I love The Hunter’s Companion, I don’t even care if it’s cool or not to love your own work, because I do. I knew in my heart though that it needed an edit. A professional edit. It doesn’t matter how many times I went through the MS – and believe me I went through it numerous times – I do not have the skills of a professional editor. Or even the skills of an amateur editor, if I’m being honest. This meant that whilst I was itching to have the story as an actual book as well as an e-book, I was reluctant to do so. I knew the story needed that polish only a professional, unbiased eye could give it, so I bit the bullet, and at the beginning of the year, I got it fully edited by Lynda Lamb. I am so, SO pleased with the results.

To go with the new edit Lynda Mangoro AKA The Creative Genie designed a new cover (that I adore!) and this website. I admit to having an in with The Creative Genie – she’s my younger sister – but I don’t think I’m being at all biased when I say the results are utterly gorgeous. With these things in place I felt confident in re-releasing THC as an e-book and a paperback. (Please note, I’m told there are still some tweaks to be made to this site, but to my untrained eye it’s perfect!)

To celebrate I’m offering up a signed copy of THC with a Goodreads giveaway. The giveaway is open until the 1st of August, so absolutely plenty of time to enter.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll (hopefully) be back soon! In the meantime have a look around and feel free to add comments, questions and thoughts – like all authors I love hearing from my readers.

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The Hunter's Companion by Lori Powell

The Hunter’s Companion

by Lori Powell

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