Meet Lori

Books with romance, books with sex,
Voodoo books and books with hex,
Fantasy, mystery, humour and crime,
Young adult, adult adult and kids from time to time,
In all their shapes and all their sizes,
I love books in all their guises.
Lori x


Since I read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series as a child, I have been enamoured by books. Books have let me fall in love a thousand times and taken me on adventures to places I’ve never actually been. They’ve let me solve mysteries and figure out crimes and interact with the supernatural… and I can fit it all in around my daily life.

With two amazing children, one perfect (for me) husband and a shelve full of books, I have everything I could wish for. The crazy cats and yapping dog are just a bonus.

My writing is an extension of my love of reading – all that daydreaming I was told off for at school is put to good use! It’s a wonderful world of fantasy in my head, and I love sharing it with you all.

Lori x